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October 1, 2015



     Curt Ritchie, DVM,


Hello AVDS members. As I hope you are already aware from the formal Notices that have been sent to you in the past several weeks, there is one final step in the actions required to put in place the merger of the Society into the enlarged Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry. The result of the merger will be a tightly integrated and more efficient system for educational and outreach activities for organized veterinary dentistry.

Although the Society itself will disappear, there is no disadvantage to you – the Journal and reduced Forum registration will continue.

If you have not taken the time to read the informational package available at, you may be wondering why the Society disappears but the Foundation remains. It is because of the non-profit status of the Foundation – it is a charity, which will allow us to make more extensive use of fund-raising possibilities.

The critical issue with regard to the merger is that it requires a vote of approval by 2/3 of all current Society members. There is no need for you to participate in the Special Meeting itself, but please make use of the proxy voting option that will be/was sent as part of the Second Notice. [THE SECOND NOTICE WILL GO OUT APP OCT 7 OR 8].

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