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September 15, 2014




          Teresa Jacobson, BSc., DVM




I have loved horses for as long as I can remember.  I love their scent at the shoulder, their very soft muzzles and quite honestly I think that the only feces that is not offensive is of the equine variety. 

I have had the honor of the acquaintance of many and the total unconditional love of others; horses that is.  Two, one big and one very small, are my daily companions at present.  My passion has been a priority all of my life.  Even on my wedding day my uncle gave the toast to the bride and sternly warned my patient and compassionate husband now of 22 years that he “should never ask her to choose between a horse and him as he was absolutely sure that the horse would win out” He has never asked me to choose!  We have had many come and go including patients whose families were at their financial or physical ends.  Some horses were treated and sent back to their loving and grateful families.  Some needed new homes as they required more care than was possible in their original circumstances.

I now find myself finally coming to terms with the old saying “Never look a gift horse in the mouth” Morning starts early with the soaking of timothy hay cubes and complete horse pellets; food for a dude who is lacking a serious amount of functional teeth.  He is a 29 year old miniature gelding whose family had to sell their (his) home due to health reasons.  He needed a home and my fourteen year old gelding needed a companion, having just lost his 42 year old pasture buddy. 

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