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April 1, 2015




  Bert Gaddis, DVM


Marketing Veterinary Dentistry-Beyond Pet Dental Health Month

Dental disease is one of the more common problems in veterinary medicine with up to 75% of dogs and cats are affected by 3 years of age. Dentistry in most veterinary practices is under promoted and thus, a profit center waiting to be tapped. The return on dollars invested is usually fairly high. February was Pet Dental Health Month and as we come out of "dental month" I want to discuss some ways to turn dental month into a year-round activity and a "profitable" profit center.

Marketing veterinary dentistry in private practice requires a team effort from the front office staff all the way to the animal care staff in the back.  Before the first client is educated the staff must have the knowledge and be on board for increasing pet dental health. Most of the companies selling veterinary dental products have excellent marketing materials and personnel that are willing to assist you in staff training.   "Lunch and learn" meetings are a great way to begin the initial staff education.  Brochures showing the grades of dental disease are invaluable for staff and client education. Models are available for dogs and cats and provide a normal and abnormal side. Skulls are also an excellent tool for education. Find a favorite brochure that illustrates grades of dental disease for the entire staff to use in the clinic. Digital photography is a wonderful way to document before and after dental cleanings as well as building a library of dental images for further education.

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