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February 2, 2015



  Mike Overend, DVM

Recently, attending a local human dental association lecture, I was reminded of the critical need for education about veterinary dental issues.

I was speaking with a millennial generation salesperson for a major human dental supply company.  He was at the meeting to sponsor the speaker, and to make the attendees aware of the products he was representing.  His products were primarily bone regenerative products for guided tissue repair and regeneration in human dentistry.

He told me that he hand scales his own 5 year old Havanese dog to deal with the intense halitosis the dog exhibits.  When I heard him say this my mind jumped immediately to the Non-Anesthetic Dentistry Issue that has become so prominent in our profession.

He told me that he can do a "really good job" of scaling his dog's teeth and that he was confident that he was doing a wonderful thing for his pet.  This statement was coming from a well-informed individual that makes his living by selling products that are used to treat advanced periodontitis in humans.

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